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End to End Themed Basement & Bath, Design and Construction.

Our Approach

Our sole purpose is to bring your ideas and dreams to fruition. Our worth is rooted in our understanding of spatial planning, interior design and Below grade construction methodologies. We expertly fuse technology, themed trends and timeless elegance, with our ability to complement a client’s vision with unique and creative suggestions. Our commitment to excellence makes us diligent project managers, and we are here to provide guidance and support to make sure no detail is overlooked.


We consult with you and listen to your vision. We then take your vision, bring it to life with our concept creation team and integrate it into the optimal space design.


We follow a strict and diligent process to ensure that the design is executed to spec,on time and on budget. We use a meticulous process to ensure that the build is unobtrusive to the rest of your home.


Our design team provides expert advice and sources the exact pieces that will complement and complete the overall look and feel of your new unique space. From Furniture , Audio/video and technological add-ons we source only the finest and highest quality products.

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What we offer

Focus on Concept Creation & Design

Our designers specialize in bringing your ideas to life. We consult with you to understand your requirements and needs.

Experienced Construction services

We take construction to the next level by using state-of-the-art tools and technologies to build truly unique spaces. Our commercial design experience and below-grade construction prowess is utilized to ensure the highest quality build.

End to end – turnkey solutions

We manage the entire project. From the initial consultation to bringing your vision to life we have the know-how and skills to take on the complete project.

Proven methodology

With over 18 years in Commercial Building and design we have learned a few things about creating visually stunning and functional spaces. Our methodology ensures that the project is done correctly from start to finish

What makes us Different

  • Residential Design with Commercial influence

  • We have gained a special expertise from larger themed and eye capturing event venues, entertainment projects as well as unique store designs.

  • Forecastle combines this experience with personal influences that define each person’s expectations of lifestyle and design.

  • Designs are representative of complete smart and innovative spaces that are both functional and asthetic.

  • Forecastle main objective is to make your personal space worthy of pride and admiration

  • We bring these designs to life in your home.

Themed Spaces

  • luxury Spas

  • Theatre Rooms

  • Entertainment Spaces

  • Game Rooms

  • Recreational Rooms

  • Play and Learn

  • Modern Bath

  • Traditional bath

  • contemporary Bath

  • Art Deco Bath

  • Spa Bathroom

  • powder rooms

  • Compact bathrooms


Our Process

Forecastle takes a thoughtful, detailed and systematic approach to defining what your space will be.

  • 1. Discovery – We work with you to understand your vision and requirements for your new space.

  • 2. Concept Creation – We take your vision and match it with the physical space to come up with a custom concept to meet your expectations

  • 3. Design – We create visualization of your space in 3D drawings as well as technical drawings. This provides both a visual snapshot of your project aesthetically as well as functionally.

  • 4. Development –Applying our knowledge and experience to the details of the build and ensuring best practices are applied.

  • 5. Build – Our experienced team builds your basement to spec utilizing the highest quality products

  • 6. Furnish – We source all the furnishings and technological extras that will complete your space.

Theme Ideas and concepts

Browse through some thought provoking and inspiring themes. Sure you'll find something interesting.

Call us today and tell us your ideas and wishes. Lets explore the possibilities together.

We will come out to your home. We'll explore what your home has to offer, we'll get into current  challenges of the space and  what you and your family need from your recreational  living space.

Contact Us

  • Address:1262 Don Mills Rd. Suite 201 Toronto, ON M3B 2W7

  • Phone:416.444.5456 ext 223 or 222

  • E-Mail:info@forecastledesign.com